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The Cool Mustangs eBay store has a wide variety of Mustang Parts, as well as other odds and ends.

There may be some items unique to the eBay store that you will not find on this website. Take a look!

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Cars for Sale

Take a look at my full inventory of cars for sale, in conditions ranging from Project to Fully Restored. Pictures provided from multiple angles to give you a full look of the cars condition.

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Parts for Sale

Boasting a comprehensive list of available car parts, specializing in 65-70 Mustangs, if you need it, it's very likely I've got it...even if I don't have it listed on the site yet.

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Restoration Gallery

View the Cool Mustangs picture galleries including a rare fully restored 1964 1/2 K-Car, Before/After Photos of additional restorations, and family photos.

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